Not sure you need a pool service company?

Here are the main reasons why our clients hire us:


  1. Time –  Many of our clients work full time and have busy schedules. Our clients hire us because they want to enjoy their pools more and worry less about clean, safe water. The choice to hire a pool service company is very much like the choice to hire lawn maintenace companies or cleaning companies. People simply do not have enough time to take care of everything themselves.
  2. Age- Some of our clients are physically unable to care for their pools because of their age. Opening and closing pools can take hours when done correctly, pool covers are heavy and usually require more than one person to move, and pool chemicals are often sold in bulk quantities and are difficult to transport.
  3. Knowledge- Many of our clients are new pool owners or are renting property with a pool and have no experience. New owners often hire us until they get comfortable maintaining the pool on their own. Property managers often hire us to reduce the risk of damage to a property owner’s pool when the tenants have no experience taking care of a pool.
  4. Travel- Many of our clients in Tidewater travel and can be away from home for extended periods of time. We have many clients who are in the military and trust us to maintain their pool while they are away. Many times the property is vacant or being rented. Other times, we are a helping hand to the spouse maintaining the household.